Friday, September 29, 2023
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EVENT: FRAKASS 11: One Wedding and a Birthday

FRAKASS-11FRIDAY 29 April, 20.00 at Wolstenholme Creative Space. £3 Entry
It’s our third birthday, and it’s so lovely to see that the government has organised street parties for us, and even a bank holiday in our honour! Our blue-blooded betters, the royal family, got so carried away when they heard it’s FRAKASS’ third birthday that William and Kate decided to mark the occassion by getting hitched! Now that’s commitment… to noise! We’ve sent the happy couple an invite, so we expect the royal afterparty to be making an appearance at some point in the night.

So, apart from the royal presence, we’ve got plenty of noisy noise for our third birthday celebrations. All the way from Hamburg, Germany, we’ve got noise/power-electronics merchant, Java Delle, from Newcastle we’ve got the noisy toys of Tragic Cabaret, then some homegrown talent in the form of [d]-FEKT, mixing influences from Merzbow, Steve Reich and Charlie Parker, plus the ear-felching granny gabba of Bastard Cunt. What more could you ask for? Well being the generous guys we are, there is still more… the Noise Club VJs will be tripping us out with their unique brand of visual entertainment.

Let the celebrations commence!


Total noise from Hamburg, Germany

Noisy lass WLTM more broken toys


Ear-felching granny gabba

Merzbow digi noise meets neuro tech-funk d+b

Psychedilc eye-candy from our resident visual jockeys

is run by Frakture. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of PRSF.

Venue: Wolstenholme Creative Space
11 Wolstenholme Sq, opposite Creme