EVENT: All for you…

imageSATURDAY 2 May 2009, 16:00 – midnight at Mello Mello
MellolleM plays host to a magic feast of music, spoken word and theatre – All for you. £3 quids, from 4pm

We have for your enchantment:

Rebecca Joy Sharp – Originally from Glasgow, via New York and Belfast, is here, for you. With a lever harp, original compositions, spoken words and a bag full of the good spells. @ 4.30pm

Moa – Once semi-feral on the fells of northumbria, but settled now in Liverpool, Moa will knock out a set of intricate fingerstyle creature folk, for you. @ 5.30pm

Mouse – By Emma Davies. An exciting new play in one scene, from minnesota with love. @ 6.30pm

The Long Finger Bandits – A renegade clan of war painted ladies with lips lungs and limbs set to stun. Gypsy krunk for what ails yer. @ 9pm


DIDDLEY SQUAT – A fearsome 10-piece tribe of pure blood ragamuffins. Playing rampaging ska-folk-reggae the way you like it. Dubbed up live with brass, percussion, throat singing and smiles. THE heavyweight camel riding sound.Come get your hooves hot @ 10pm

Contact: 07792913517
Email: senorvivo@hotmail.co.uk

Venue: MelloMello
Corner of Slater St and Parr St.