Erotic René Magritte drawings to go on show in Liverpool

Erotic René Magritte drawings to go on show in Liverpool | Art and design | The Guardian.

Via The Guardian

A loan from a very private collector of rare drawings, which have never been exhibited in Britain before, is causing headaches for Tate Liverpool. The problem might surprise those who know René Magritte only as the artist of bowler hats and umbrellas, the most buttoned up and respectable member of the surrealist movement.

The drawings, which in Magritte’s native Belgium have been seen only once in a small exhibition, could be politely described as erotic. Although beautifully drawn, and with an impeccable literary pedigree, they are undeniably first cousin to the kind of graffiti that might be found on a bike shed wall.

“We might make them a little boudoir of their own,” said Christoph Grunenberg, director of Tate Liverpool and joint curator of the most comprehensive exhibition of Magritte’s work staged in Britain. “We don’t want to cordon them off or put them behind a curtain – but we don’t want to force everyone who comes to the show to walk right into them.”

The Tate will exhibit all six explicit drawings, including a tiny man walking towards a giant vagina, and a winged phallus flying across a dawn sky. Magritte produced them in the 1940s for a proposed illustrated edition of Madame Eduarda, an erotic novella by the French philosopher and surrealist Georges Bataille. In the event, the book was never published.
Tate – René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle


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