Endangered Species and Kitty’s Quilt at the Cathedral

kittysquilt.jpg siobhan-davies.jpg
I’m not sure what’s going on here. In the huge empty area of the nave of the Anglican Cathedral is a basic bed covered with Kitty’s Quilt and hidden away in one of the Chapels (maybe the Holy Spirit Chapel) is a small projection piece which is part of Cape Farewell.
Both fine, interesting pieces but why are they here, or rather, why isn’t there more stuff here? Maybe the Cathedral couldn’t spare a large space for the 10 weeks of the Biennial, they have been very accommodating in the past with several good exhibitions here.

I suppose on the one hand its good to have Biennial artworks spread all over town, however thinly so that more people will see it who wouldn’t normally go to the trouble of visiting galleries. On the other hand, being someone who wants to be sure of seeing all the artworks, I get disappointed when I make the effort to seek out a venue to find there’s very little content.

Still, as I said, these two works are pretty good, especially the short video which is cleverly projected onto a sheet of glass inside an old cabinet.

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral enhances the ephemeral, fragile grace of choreographer Siobhan Davies’ Endangered Species. A projection of dancer Sarah Warsop, in an unusual costume of rods created by fashion designer Jonathan Saunders, moves gracefully inside a museum display case, at first liberated but then finally extinguished by her increasingly cumbersome attire.
Cape Farewell

For Kitty’s Quilt, Lisa Oppenheim has been working with John Macdonald and a group of young mothers from Speke. The quilt celebrates the life of Kitty Wilkinson. Kitty is a strong woman from Liverpool’s history who helped to fight poverty and disease in the nineteenth-century by turning her home into a wash-house for her neighbours during the cholera epidemic. The quilt is made out of old baby clothes. Ends October 22nd
Biennial International+

Update: On Saturday Oct 21st 12-16.00 you have the opportunity to contribute to the quilt. The women who made the quilt will be there with materials ( needles thread fabric etc.) and lots of knowledge about Kitty.
They will encourage and help people add their own ideas to the border of the quilt.


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