Electric December Online Advent Calendar 2007


Ok, just one more advent calendar for today and its a good one from Electric December. There’s a video for each day, some serious, some funny, some animations all produced by young people (14-21) and you can cheat, I’ve already watched the Xmas Eve video!

Electric December ‘07 is different. With the advancement and increased accessibility of creative technology, more and more people are generating great content for the web – particularly young people. So this year we decided to showcase some of the freshest films and animations made by young people (14-21), not only from Bristol and the South West but also from around the rest of the UK.

These seasonal ‘gifts’ have been hand-picked and brought to you by eShed.net, a website run by young people for young people (aged 14-21) interested in film and media. eShed.net has curated a programme of short films that are stylistically different, reflect a range of issues and themes that are important to young people today, and celebrate the talent and abilities of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.