Eleanor Rathbone Public Lecture Series, 2010

Eleanor Rathbone


Eleanor Rathbone Public Lecture Series, 2010

Maybe not much to do with art but its Liverpool and its interesting. The first lecture for 2010 (on 18 Feb) asks ‘What are MPs for?‘. I personally still have a lot of respect for most MPs, its a really crap job and one thing that the recent fuss about expenses highlighted is that very few people know much about what MPs do and even now still think its a cushy job that doesn’t deserve good pay and reasonable expenses. Anyway, here’s the full details…

‘Democracy, Citizenship and Social Justice’

During 2008-09 the School of Sociology and Social Policy hosted a short series of public lectures on the theme of ‘social justice’ (in its widest interpretation) to mark the 100th anniversary year of Eleanor Rathbone’s election to the Liverpool City Council and the 80th anniversary year of her election to the UK Parliament.

Eleanor was the first woman to be elected to Liverpool City Council in 1909 and, in 1929, she was elected as an independent MP. Throughout her adult life Eleanor was committed to progressive social reform particularly with regard to issues affecting women. She was particularly associated with the campaign to introduce Family Allowances and she was deeply involved with women’s suffrage, human rights and refugee issues.

In 1905 Eleanor played a key role in establishing the School of Social Science at the University of Liverpool and, today, the building within which the School of Sociology and Social Policy is based is named after her.

In 2009-2010 the theme of the series is ‘Democracy, Citizenship and Social Justice’.

The lectures are free. No booking needed. All at University of Liverpool – Leslie Hearnshaw Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, Bedford Street South.

Full details are available here>>


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