Ed’s Place pops up at old George Henry Lee building this summer

Ed’s Place pops up at old George Henry Lee building this summer

People will imagine how Liverpool city centre could be better for everyone

People will imagine how Liverpool city centre could become a greener and more vibrant place for everyone at the city’s old George Henry Lee building this summer.

Ed’s Place will pop-up on the ground floor of the much-loved building during Liverpool’s Independents Biennial festival. Workshops, events and exhibitions will be open to the general public, with special activities for young people and families.

The month-long programme will look at how Liverpool city centre could be reimagined and revived, including future uses for empty shops and greener outdoor spaces. People that have already delivered change in their neighbourhoods will share their experience of what works. Ed’s Place will provide a creative space for people, decision makers and developers to come together.

The project is being delivered by award-winning social enterprise PLACED in partnership with the University of Liverpool’s School of Environmental Sciences.

Last summer, PLACED toured Liverpool in Ed the Campervan, giving people their say on regeneration plans and how places such as Williamson Square could be improved. People told PLACED that they want to be more involved in planning and decisions, but don’t feel listened to.

Jo Harrop, Founder and Director of PLACED, told us: “City centres are changing. Shops are not used in the same way and there are lots of empty units going to waste. We believe this is an opportunity for imaginative thinking about how our city centre can be a better place for everyone. We’re going to bring people together in creative ways to think differently about town and share ideas.”

Jo added: “We’re lucky to have support from our network. This includes our volunteer Ambassados and Ronnie Hughes from Sense of Place. We’re looking for groups and individuals that want to get involved in Ed’s Place. We’re also seeking new volunteers and sponsors to grow the programme.”

Ed’s Place will launch on Thursday, 30th August and will be open to the public from Saturday, 1st September until Sunday, 23rd September. PLACED will share full details of opening times and what’s on through its website and social media.

Young people aged 14-18 are also invited to get involved in a hands-on, three-day Summer School at Ed’s Place from Tuesday, 28th August to Thursday, 30th August. Delivered by PLACED with sponsorship from the University of Liverpool School of Environmental Sciences, the programme will develop skills for the future and open doors to exciting careers.

Dr Sam Hayes, Lecturer in Environmental Planning at the University of Liverpool, said: “Engaging communities in shaping their own places is really important, but the planning system and processes are often complex and hard to access. Activities like Ed’s Place are great to demystify planning and help to empower communities to shape their own places. The School of Environmental Sciences is proud to support Ed’s Place to help support community discussion of the future of the city.”

Since 2011, PLACED has worked with over 15,000 people of all ages through education and engagement programmes, making better places together. For more information, visit www.placed.org.uk