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Dreamscape – The Movie

dreamscape.jpgCan’t believe this movie only had a budget of £5000!
Haven’t seen it all but the trailer looks promising.

In May 2005, Chat Noir Productions started work on its first feature, writer/director Daniel J. Fox’s highly ambitious sci-fi adventure Dreamscape. Filmed on location in North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside, with a budget of just £5000, Dreamscape is no small character piece, but rather a genre-busting action-thriller.

View the trailer and other clips now on youtube:

A tale of intrigue and deception, Dreamscape harks back to movies such as Seconds, The Manchurian Candidate and the works of Philip K. Dick. The film is a fast-paced tale of deceit and betrayal, with a scope and scale usually reserved for big budget features.

Described by Sci-Fi Journalist MJ Simpson:

“Dreamscape is amazing, a testament to the way that digital technology can unlock the creative freedom of talented indie film-makers in ways that would have seemed unbelievable only ten years ago.”

“Dreamscape is what Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow would be like if it had been influenced by the 1990s instead of the 1930s.”

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On the 19th of July the film’s score was awarded Best Feature Score at the Goldspirit/Jerry Goldsmith Young Film composer award held in Uebda.

The film is now being extended to 85 minutes for DVD release.

Chat Noir Productions Ltd. prides itself on thinking out of the box and dreaming the impossible. Dreamscape has been made by four young film-makers on a budget most films would use for catering.

Daniel J Fox