Doodle 4 Google 2008 Winner


I always like to feature the winner of the Doodle 4 Google award on the blog even though there’s no NorthWesterners amongst the winners.

This year Google asked pupils to create a doodle around the idea of ‘My Community’ and what it means to them.

This overall winner for 2008 is Daniel Thorne, aged 15, from Howard of Effingham School:

“When trying to fit my doodle in to theme of ‘My Community’ I used different pictures that normally feature in a community. For example, people close together on the letters, love hearts to symbolise relationships and colour to add more of an effect. The people are all different races but still are playing together in harmony. The rainbow symbolises peace and the joining of different communities.”

The other national winners were Joseph Compton (aged 5), Sheza Rani (aged 11) and Daisy Pearson (aged 13).

The competition was held in association with the Daily Mirror’s ‘Pride of Britain’ awards.