Domino Gallery Announces Opening of Angel Cafe

Domino Gallery is pleased to announce that a new cafe, named The Angel has now opened in the gallery space.

The gallery, on Upper Newington, in Liverpool City Centre now offers the best selection of vegetarian delights, including gluten-free cake, salads, bread and soups, and lactose-free cake. They will also be serving tea, including lots of lovely herbal choices, fairtrade and organic coffee, juices, and real, skimmed and soya milk.

The cafe will be open 11.00 – 17.00 from Monday to Saturday. Where possible everything served has been sourced locally, and the cafe is keen to serve food which is seasonal and organic.

Now that this independent city-centre gallery has combined a love of great art and great food, there’s nothing to stop you from visiting one of Liverpool’s hidden gems!


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