DING>>D0NG: m-Log kit product launch at FACT

Wednesday 17th December 2008 18.00

The Box, FACT, 88 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4DQ

m-Log Kit

Purchase an mLog kit and you get a full days workshop and all the materials needed to build & customise an m-Log to your own spec!

m-Log is the latest development in Owl Project Technology; a powered USB controller interface. The m-Log fits in the palm of the hand and is made using this semicircular cross section of a branch (Just like the iLog). Inside the m-Log is the muio interface ( www.muio.org ).

Available with a rage of built in sensor inputs (light sensors, accelerometers etc) it has plug in and play compatibility with a wide variety of applications, notably MAX MSP/jitter, SuperCollider and Open Frameworks.

m-Log owners currently include, Leafcutter John, Kaffe Matthews and Thor Magnusson (IXI software) who were also involved during its initial development. Get your saw* and soldering iron ready and join a community of owners and start developing and sharing your own patches to use on one of the worlds rarest digital interfaces.

During a one day session participants will be taken through constructing an mLog circuit, drilling the holes for the switches, building software audio instruments in SuperCollider and MAX MSP and finally a little sanding and oiling.

Using minimal amounts of electronics combined with the simple and flexible material of wood we aim to return a sense of the of craft and individuality to the production of modern hand held technology. We look forward to making and developing m-Logs with you.


* In the kit all wood will be pre cut and ready for assembly.