Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Digital Games and OneDotZero

onedotzero dvd4icdc
It was a digital day yesterday. The fourth OneDotZero dvd arrived in the morning post. The onedotzero festival of short films, animations etc. takes place in London each May, then some of it goes on tour (it came to FACT last November). The DVD showing about 20 of the works appears in September and I always look forward to it.

In the evening I went to the ICDC Digital Games MA end of year show in the Box at FACT. ICDC is the International Centre for Digital Content, is part of John Moores University and runs courses at various levels for people looking to work in the digital industries. One year is not a lot of time to learn how to use 3D imaging software and create a finished computer game so the pieces shown here were quite short and look unfinished but they show off the ideas and potential of the students.
Some of the 14 students here studied Fine Art or Graphics others came from an Engineering or Computing background and many had never used this type of software before. The short clips were projected onto the large screen and PCs were available for a closer look at the portfolios. I enjoyed the event but unfortunately it was for one evening only.