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Derek Culley Exhibition Launches New Contemporary Commercial Gallery at The Atkinson

A new contemporary commercial Gallery is to open in Sefton within The Atkinson, Southport in February 2016.

The Landing is The Atkinson’s new Gallery space, which offers a different approach to viewing exhibitions to its other spaces.

The new Gallery opens in February with an exhibition from Birkdale resident Derek Culley who has had his work exhibited internationally as well as all over the UK.

His style includes strong chiaroscuro, heavy impasto, vigorous brushwork and direct, expressive handling, in which Celtic imagery and associations are important.

He is the founder member and chairman of Celtic Vision with the painters John Bellany and Denis Bowen, and participated in the group’s exhibition tour in 1986-7.

Nicola Euston, Museum Manager said:
This is a great opportunity for our visitors to get up close and personal with the artists and then take a piece of unique, but affordable art home with them. We are so delighted that Derek Culley chose our new space to exhibit his work.

The Landing is different from the other galleries in The Atkinson, other than during the Sefton Open we do not generally sell the work on display. This is our first commercial gallery which means that people can simply come in and buy the art, there and then. Once the piece has been bought it will be removed from display and another piece exhibited. This we hope will keep the exhibition fresh for the visitor. Each time they come back – it could have changed depending on the sales.

This does mean that if people want to buy a piece on display – they should be quick, as the next time they comes someone may have been quicker than them!

The Landing is a new and exciting place for regional artists to showcase their work and for visitors to buy the artwork. It will have a changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year, as well as a range of special events linked to the exhibitions.

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The Landing opens on Saturday 6 February at The Atkinson with a launch from 1pm. The first exhibition from Derek Culley is running until Sunday 15 May 2016.

The new commercial gallery was funded by Transformers, the Museums Association’s workforce initiative for people in mid-career, supported by any accredited museum (or museum working towards accreditation), looking to change the way they work.

Nicola Euston, The Atkinson’s Museum Manager was awarded a place on the scheme this year which challenges arts professionals to develop new ways of working, and to engage with experimental ideas, fresh thinking and learning from the experience of experts and innovators.