David Grimbleby: An Artist Who Heads for the Wilds

David Grimbleby - a touch of the surreal

Picturesque locations such as The Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales may attract some artists but David Grimbleby has other ideas.

He’s just as likely to find inspiration in a forgotten stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal or an overgrown corner of the South West Lancashire countryside.
David likes to add a surreal twist to the traditional English landscape painting, and you can see the results in some of the pictures in The Enigmatic Landscape, his new exhibition now running at The World of Glass.
“I like to get off the beaten track and get some mystery and strangeness into my pictures,” explains David, whose work features collage often built up from photographs and magazine cuttings which he may also paint over.
“I am not worried about creating conventionally pretty pictures. I am particularly interested in texture – and the tangle and texture of nature is often not a pretty sight.”
David’s work also draws on more exotic themes and he finds inspiration in mystical sources, both Eastern and Western.
He worked as a decorative and lettering artist in industry before taking up painting full-time and worked and exhibited in London before moving to the North West over 20 years ago.
He admits to being influenced by great English landscape artists such as Turner and Constable and includes a number of his own more conventional landscapes in the exhibition.
“However in the end as a painter you have to find something in yourself and be true to your own ideas.
“The offbeat or surreal twist may not always be obvious in some of my work but if you look closely, you’ll usually find it.”
The Enigmatic Landscape is programmed by The World of Glass and runs in its Godfrey Pilkington Gallery until 7 September.


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