DaDafest: Dance ‘GIMP’ to preview at World Museum Liverpool

Get a taste of dance at DaDaFest International 10

DaDaFest returns with a massive international festival in November this year. To build to the main Festival there will be a series of one off events showcasing DaDaFest artists and performers.

To whet your appetite, GIMP (Excerpts) will give a flavor of the new dance work that’s storming the USA. It will include a film of the making of the work and hotfoot from the Dublin Dance Festival will feature a personal appearance from two of the principle dancers. One of the performers Catherine Long will perform her solo from the work.

Catherine Long
Catherine Long

GIMP (Excerpts) will be at the Treasure House theatre, World Museum on William Brown Street in Liverpool on 17th May at 2pm. The complete show will have its UK Premier at Liverpool’s own DaDaFest International in November.
Garry Robson, Artistic Director of DaDaFest International 10

“DadaFest International 10 is committed to bringing the best of disability and deaf led new work to the Liverpool and this storming dance work that has stood the American Dance world on its head certainly fits the bill.”

Produced by Alliger Arts and choreographed by Heidi Latsky who is a respected force in the dance world for many years, as a choreographer for stage, theater and film with performances from Catherine Long and Lawrence Carter Long whose work explores restriction and freedom, control and symmetry, as well as the formation of beautiful, sculptural shapes, this is a dance performance not to be missed.


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