DaDaFest 08 – Full Programme


DaDaFest International 2008. Main Festival 4 – 7 September 2008
(Exhibitions at A Foundation from 22 August)
Tickets are now on sale. Call The Bluecoat box office on 0151 702 5324 and more information will be available at in the lead up to the festival. Full Listings


Diary at a glance:

August 22nd to 7th September 2008 – A Foundation: Ju Gosling; Tanya Raabe; Wolfgang Temmell; Alison Jones.

Thursday 4th September 2008


10am-12pm Oska Bright masterclass – CUC

12noon-2 pm Tanya Raabe – Blade Room, A Foundation

2pm-5pm – So You Wanna Be a DaDa star? The Picket.

2pm-5pm – First viewings in the Coachshed – Dash (Jenny Brown; David King; Joy Tudor); Gus Cummins; Venture Arts; Martin Bauch; Kevin Connolly.

2pm-5pm – Merseyside Society of Deaf People (MSDP) – Danny Diva.

5pm-6pm – Artists in Conversation – Tanya Raabe and Mat Fraser with Julie McNamara.

5-7pm Heavyload in the Coachshed.

7.30pm-9.30pm – The Last American Freakshow – Coachshed.

8pm-9pm – Spastic Fantastic, Laurence Clark – The Bluecoat.

9.30pm – 12midnight – Sideshow in The Furnace, with Mat Fraser, Amelie Soleil, Liz Carr, Blind Gurl and the Crips plus Heavyload and The Mermaid.

10pm-12midnight – DaDaShorts at The Coachshed.


Friday 5th September 2008


10.30am – 2.30pm – Oska Bright Screenings at Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC). Showings at 10.30am, 11.15am, 12.45pm and 1.30pm. Tickets £1.00.

11am-12.30pm – Reflect, Muse, Imagine – Cultural Olympiad in the Coachshed.

11am-1pm – Kate O’Reilly, Off the Page Masterclass in the Furnace. Invitation only event.

12noon-2pm, Tanya Raabe in the Blade Factory

2pm-3.30pm – Kevin Connolly, artist’s talk in the Blade Factory.

2pm-5pm – So You Wanna Be a DaDaStar? At the Picket.

Time tbc– Julie McNamara, Crossings, Treasurehouse Theatre in The World Museum.

5.30pm – Take tea with a Mermaid (Dorrie Hollywood) in the Furnace Office.

6pm-7.30pm – The Mezzanine in the Playroom at the A Foundation.

7.30pm-11pm, Frogtastic with Heavyload at The Picket.

8pm-9pm, Laurence Clark, Spastic Fantastic at The Bluecoat.

8pm – Horizontal Heroines with Denise Leigh and Stefan Andrusyschyn with special guest Kinny Gardener, at St George’s Hall.

9pm-10pm – A Gay Disabled Transexual Love Story as told to the ticket collector at Alton Towers” by Steven Keyworth.

9pm-11pm, Evolution, in the Furnace with Ramesh Mayyappan, Common Ground and Claire Cunningham.

11pm-12 midnight, DaDaShorts, in the Coachshed.

11.00pm-1am, Jazz, Blues and Beyond, with Jazz Orient, Tom Doughty and Blind Gurl and the Crips at the A Foundation.


Saturday 6th September 2008


11am-1pm, Reflect, Muse Imagine debate – “If I were you I wouldn’t start from there: Where now for Deaf and Disability Arts”. In the Coachshed.

12.30pm – Lunch with the Mermaid in the Office within the Furnace.

12pm-2pm, Tanya Raabe in the Blade Factory.

2pm Tom Doughty

1pm-6pm, A Celebration of Deaf Arts, compered by Ramesh Mayyeppan and Denise Armstrong, Rob Roy and Neslysim Divaldo in the Furnace.

12noon-5pm, DaDa in the Yard (outside the A Foundation), with the Alexandras, Wizards of Wind, Johnny Crescendo, Krazy Kat, Denise Leigh and Stefan Andrusyschyn, Open Arts Choir and Paper People.

6pm-7pm, Tyst Theatre, Sweden, present ‘Odyssey’ in the Coachshed.

6pm-7pm, Gus Cummins gives an artist’s talk in the Blade Factory.

7pm-9pm – A gay transexual love story as told to the ticket collector at Alton Towers. In the Playroom at the A Foundation.

7pm, Fittings Multimedia Arts present Welcome to the Institute: Redux with Madame Friend and the Friendlies. In the Hub of the Bluecoat.

7.30pm-10pm – DaDa Variety, with Liz Bentley, Johnny Crescendo, Jim McSharry and the Crowntoppers, hosted by the Unusual Stage School. At the Picket.

9pm-11pm, DaDa Shorts in the Coachshed. A collection of short films by Disabled artists.

10pm-midnight, Hothouse at the Furnace, by Open Arts Choir, followed by two premieres, Claire Cunningham’s Mobile and Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser in Beauty and the Beast (18+ only, contains scenes of a sexual nature). Hosted by Liz Bentley.

11.30pm – 2am, DaDaRave. Chinaman, DJ Geezer and Grateful Handz. At the Picket.


Sunday 7th September 2008


10am-12noon, Reflect, Muse, Imagine, debate around Momentum 09. At the A Foundation.

10.30am-12.30pm, Tanya Raabe, the Blade Factory.

12pm, Petruschka by Krazy Kat in the Coachshed.

12pm-5pm. DaDa in the Yard (outside the A Foundation). The Alexandras, Wizards of Wind, Madame Friend and the Friendlies, Johnny Crescendo, The Crowntoppers and Laurence Clark.

1pm-2pm, Doctor Who and the Beast Within. Nabil Shaban in conversation with Laurence Clark in the Coachshed.

2pm-4pm, Crossings by Julie McNamara- meet at the A Foundation.

Join us for Drinks at the Bluecoat from 7pm???

4pm-7pm – So You Wanna Be a DaDaStar? – Open mic sessions and workshops with performance poet Jim McSharry. Survivors’ afternoon at the Picket.

8pm-11.30pm, DaDalesque. At The Bluecoat with Millie Dollar, Liz Carr, Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser, Diva Hollywood and Amelie Soleil.


Venue information


A Foundation (divided into The Coachshed, The Playroom, The Furnace, The Office and The Blade Factory), 37 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BY.

The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX.

Treasure House Theatre in the World Museum, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN.

St George’s Hall, Lime Street, Liverpool, L1 1JJ.

The Picket, 61, Jordan St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 0BW

Merseyside Society of Deaf People, Queens Drive, West Derby, Liverpool, L13 ODJ

Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC), 41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS.

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ.