Culturepool – Beating Berlusconi. 7 May


Vinny & Luan

We know it’s been a while since we last got together but things have been a bit hectic at culturepool towers over the last few weeks. In a good way though, all will be revealed soon!!! OK, so this is really short notice, but we didn’t want you to miss out on this ‘champion’ of a play….

As part of last year’s Writing on the Wall (WoW) Festival we got the chance to hear an hilarious monologue from a  new play, Beating Berlusconi, in Ye Cracke. Now the play is on tour and ‘kicks off’ on Thursday 7th May @ 8pm at the Novas CUC (,67,IN.html) as part of WoW’s, er,  ‘fixtures’. Alright, a red card on the football analogies because this play will also appeal to non-football fans as well as all die hard followers, reds or blues.

Written by actor and Radio 4 playwright John Graham Davies, Beating Berlusconi tells the true story of Kenny Noonan’s extraordinary time in Istanbul during Liverpool’s 2005 European Cup victory when he found himself in the Milan VIP box for the 2nd half of the game, where Berlusconi and other VIPs were celebrating their team’s victory, prematurely as we all know. The play also follows the fortunes of Kenny as he matures from a teenage football fanatic into a mature family man, shaped by his relationships to his father, his wife and children, his friends, and, yes, to Liverpool Football Club.

The play stars a culturepool favourite, Paul Duckworth, who we last saw as Uncle Rinty at Organic Cherry and in Quiet Little Englishman last year. So, even if you’re not footy fan, get along as it’s very funny and will be one of the ‘must sees’ for 2009. Plus, we’ll be having an after-show chat after the erm, show.

Tickets are normally £10 but are available at half-price (£5) for culturepool members. To guarantee your seat email WoW ( with your details and quote ‘culturepool’ or you can turn up on the night and quote ‘culturepool’ on the door to get your half price ticket.

And never fear, more regular service will be resumed shortly. We’re looking forward to a bumper Summer full of cultural delights and of course, our exciting news…..!!!

See you on Thursday!


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