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Cornerstone Arts Festival 2007


The seventh annual Cornerstone Arts Festival opens on Tuesday November 20 2007. It gets better every year and deserves far more attention. Look at the impressive line up below and check out full details on the website or in the brochure.

The festival is based at Liverpool Hope University’s Deanery of Arts &
Humanities city centre campus on Haigh Street in the stunningly refurbished Cornerstone building.

A special focus of the Festival is the presentation of newly created work in the fields of music, dance, theatre, writing, comedy and visual arts and this nearly three-week celebration of creativity brings together national and international practitioners, young artists, students and members of the local community.

This year’s programme includes themes centred around the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade; there’s a student-produced new work (Six out of Ten), a concert of music and a concert of music and dance by the River Niger Orchestra which centres on themes of slavery, and we are delighted to welcome the Hull Truck Theatre Co. to Liverpool with John Godber’s new play SOLD.

Liverpool Hope’s large-scale higher education partnership with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is represented by a number of performances and workshop events and we are particularly pleased to be hosting the RLPO Ensemble 10/10’s Tenth Anniversary Concert which will be subsequently broadcast by BBC Radio 3.

Tuesday 20 November
13.00 Food for Thought: John Godber [C]
20.00 Hull Truck Theatre Company [C]

Wednesday 21 November
13.00 Foundation Hour: Richard Ennals [HP]
19.30 RLPO Ensemble 10/10: Happy Birthday! [C]
20.00 Hull Truck Theatre Company [C]

Thursday 22 November
13.00 RLPO String Quartet [C]
18.00 Cornerstone Gallery Private View [C]
18.30 From Adolf to the Zutons [C]
20.00 Hull Truck Theatre Company [C]
20.30 Jazz Night 1 [C]

Friday 23 November
13.00 Food for Thought: Howard Skempton [C]
14.30 Hull Truck Theatre Company [C]
19.30 DaDaNoise [C]

Saturday 24 November
15.00 20 Stories High [C]
19.30 20 Stories High [C]

Sunday 25 November
20.00 LHU Chamber Choir [C]

Monday 26 November
16.00 Joanna MacGregor Recital [C]
19.30 Clarinet and Electronics [C]
21.15 Band Night 1 [C]

Tuesday 27 November
10.00 Stand Out Comedy Workshop 1 [C]
13.00 Food for Thought: Junko Mori [C]
14.00 Junko Mori demonstration lecture [C]
14.00 The Tempest [C]
16.00 Joanna MacGregor Piano Improvisation [C]
18.30 Six out of Ten [C]
20.00 Acousmatic Showcase [C]
20.30 De Bogman [C]

Wednesday 28 November
10.00 Donizetti Study Day [C]
13.00 Foundation Hour: Slavery Past & Present [C]
14.00 Joanna MacGregor: Classical piano
14.00 By your own banana workshop [C]
19.00 The Tempest [C]
19.00 European Opera Centre [C]

Thursday 29 November
13.00 Thorough Theatre [C]
13.00 RLPO Composition Workshop [LP]
19.00 One Act Play Competition [C]
21.30 Open Mic Night [C]

Friday 30 November
10.00 Stand Out Comedy Workshop 2 [C]
13.00 Food for Thought: Martin Kiszko [C]
14.00 Martin Kiszko workshop [C]
19.30 Undiscovered India [C]

Saturday 1 December
16.00 N. Liverpool Community Justice Pantomime [C]
19.30 La Serenissima [C]

Sunday 2 December – no events

Monday 3 December
10.00 Olga Zitluhina dance workshop (tbc) [C]
13.00 Two Similar [C]
20.00 Olga Zitluhina Dance Company (tbc) [C]
21.15 Band Night 2 [C]

Tuesday 4 December
13.00 Food for Thought: Paul du Noyer [C]
19.30 Liverpool Hope Dancers [C]

Wednesday 5 December
13.00 Foundation Hour: James MacMillan [HP]
14.00 Discussion with James MacMillan [HP]
16.00 In the Penal Colony [C]
19.00 In the Penal Colony [C]
20.30 Lewis Wright Quartet [V2]

Thursday 6 December
13.00 LHU Music Students’ Lunchtime Concert [C]
18.00 Song-Writers’ Showcase [C]
19.00 Comedy Night starring Gary Morris [C]

Friday 7 December
13.00 Food for Thought: Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture [C]
18.30 Enigma Theatre [C]
20.00 River Niger Orchestra [C]

Saturday 8 December
19.30 Final Concert [C]

Key to Venues: [C] = The Cornerstone, [HP] = Hope Park, [V2] = View Two Gallery, [LP] Philharmonic