Coffee / Tea Bar needed for Stuckists Event

From Jasmine Maddock…

The Stuckists acclaimed art movement are looking for a venue for cafe culture style art exhibition poetry event Stuckism on Surrealism-about beau-tea:) combining beauty surrealism art and poetry with tea:)

This is to be held as part of Liverpool Biennial Independents programme September to November. It would be for a week with one evening as private view with live poetry.

As organiser of this event local artist I am looking for a trendy lively arty space to hold it in. We would be looking for a free of charge venue in exchange can offer publicity *and commission on sales* through the Independent Biennial press and Stuckism website.

Of course the venue would be helping to promote local up and coming and established artists would have extra customers during this event.

Contact artist and organiser Jasmine Maddock Stuckism leader Charles Thomson
my website


  1. I am delighted to see the stuckists (acclaimed) embracing Bourgeoise middle of the road sentiment. I do hope ‘the art of bad painting’ will be fully represented. Whatever next, paying to be part of the Independents Biennial Liverpool?

  2. the biggest crime is not embracing “Bourgeoise sentiment” (although thats bad enough) but horrifically bad painting. i.e the Stuckists : i first say them in their hoxton studo years ago , then their show at the ViEw two in Lpl and their wrok is just : HORRENDOUS. i’m with Tracey on this one – stuck stuck stuck…


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