Clipper Crew Dress to Impress

clipperkits.jpgThe crew of the Liverpool 08 Clipper have already proved they are king of the waves.

Now their kit puts them in pole position in the fashion stakes.
The team are sporting trendy new outfits as they sail towards Panama City on the latest leg of the 05-06 Round the World Yacht Race.
The crews left Victoria, Canada, on Tuesday.

Crewman Joe Caddick said: “It is fantastic! We have every bit of kit that we need and it is the right kind of stuff too for ocean racing; we have gear for snow, hail, wind, rain or sunshine.
“We are the best dressed crew in the fleet now and proud to be representing Liverpool 08.

“I will be very proud to come back into Liverpool in our brand new kit. All the crew can’t believe we have such great quality gear.”

The Liverpool Culture Company have sent out T-shirts, polo shirts, long waterproof trousers, waterproof jackets, fleeces, caps, and woolly hats to the crew.
The crew embarked on the next leg of the round-the-world race at the weekend which will see them sailing from Victoria, Canada, through the Panama Canal to New York, a 4,200 mile journey which will take three weeks.

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