Cilla Black & Cliff Richard Launch the Biennial

cilla black cliff richardNot true of course. I am just attempting to make this more appealing to readers of the Echo. Apparently when someone rang up our local paper to complain about the lack of coverage of the Biennial, he was told that the festival was too high-brow for their readership!

Well if this stuff is too high brow, god help us when we are Capital of Culture in 2008 and how insulting to its readers.

I took this picture from the Daily Post’s two-page spread on Sir Cliff and Our Cilla and other, erm, ‘celebrities’ at some ‘night of glamour’. Its adjacent to another in a long running series of totally negative two-page spreads of the ‘Culture Projects Falling Behind’ variety. This from an ’08 Official Partner’

To be fair, the Post is a lot better than the Echo. Must be a more high-brow readership I guess.


  1. Cilla, Cliff and the Nudity debate.

    I was greatly amused by your Cilla and Cliff comment. I think you/we should learn by such experience and advocate using Cilla and Cliff as promotion for the Biennial, it would be an absolute coup, profound, ironic and of course not rude like Yokos tits in 2004, the streets would be packed.

    Boobs were big in the 2004 Biennial and probably led to far more people (probably men) attending but where does it go from there. Is the use of sex for promotion the lowest common denominator, a dumbing down process and if so who really cares? If the Biennial on its way to greater success and recognition uses Yokos bits, her very high brow bits, or anybody else’s for that matter, then inst that acceptable? Isn’t notoriety part of reputation? Isn’t it acceptable if the motives were for Arts sake and not just notoriety?

    My votes for Cilla and Cliff, what a nice pair.

    Terry Duffy


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