‘Chicken Soup and Scouse’ – The Film!

Chicken soup and scouse is finally cooked!

AN epic five-year project documenting the life of Liverpool’s Jewish community has been completed.

‘Chicken Soup and Scouse’ is a lavishly illustrated 75-minute film portraying the role of the city’s Jewish population from the 1700s to the present day.

The documentary examines how and why Jews came to Liverpool, and how the community became one of the most successful and influential in the United Kingdom. It has been produced by local filmmaker Michael Swerdlow and his brother-in-law Arnold Lewis, with financial assistance from the Liverpool Culture Company’s Creative Communities fund.

Michael said: “We wanted to ensure the result was an informative and entertaining film as well as being a useful historic reference resource for future generations.

“And although we couldn’t fit everyone into the story, those personalities we did highlight and the number of interesting stories and anecdotes we tell, give an insight to the valuable contribution members of our community have made to the culture and success of the city.


  1. I am doing some research on a Jewish family. A brother and sister if I remember correctly, what I have been told. The owned a sign writing company in Liverpool where the Royal is now (I think) called W. J. Wildes. This was in the late 50 and early 60s. If anyone can advise please email me at ges1967@hotmail.com? My Father worked there at 15 (Robert Allan Sweeney (Snr)) and his older brother (Thomas)too. During the same time is another artist called Jimmy Cliff, who (as told) was was renowned for several portraitures he did. If any one has information on him too can you please email this to me? Thank you.


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