Chaosmos at View Two – Late Review

Chaosmos at View Two. September 16 – October 21 2006
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Transvoyeur)
07 October 2006

During the preparations of the first live art event at the View Two Gallery of the Performance Art Platform, I and other artists from the Transvoyeur group were fortunate to meet with Chris Boyd and other artists from the Chaosmos Exhibition on the top floor of the gallery. This exhibition was exceptional and beguiled most of the audience who viewed it, including myself. As an artist, I have worked with a multitude of media from robotics, holographic, digital media and performance, but the digital short films by Boyd captivated me. The work at the Chaosmos Exhibition was set on ‘addresses the complex inter-relationships between creation and destruction’ (October 2006).

Deep undertones resonate through the space, pulsating underneath our senses, as if from below. Momentary classical strings gently reverberate. The visualisations are a fusion of fractalised bodies undulating through the spatiality and temporality of time.

The piece is profound and stirring and cuts into our preconceptions of origin and evolution, not only of ourselves, the human creature, but from the inaugural onset of time itself, the planet. The imagery is sensual and emotive. It imbues a sense of our physical entity and existence, where we have come from and ultimately leaves one with a sense of reflection and retrospective. An awareness of the moment, now, as if standing on the precipice of contemplation of where humanity is going. It is both sexual and spiritual, the fundamentals that drive life forward. It is provocative, yet intrinsic, and touches on the core elements of human consciousness and perception of time and space and our roles within the socio-historical edifice.

As I watched the writhing and cascading bodies, genomic re-reproduction of digitalised forms. I see my heritage, my self and my progeny in that one moment. It captures the viewer, but gets inside and holds them at that moment where time seems to stand still. The split second of awakenings and realisations cognitive, as ‘I think, therefore I am’ (Descartes), E = mc² (Einstein); Eureka (Archimedes); ‘Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’, Oppenheimer. The sentience is embodied in Boyd’s visualisations.

As a young and upcoming artist, Boyd is extraordinary. Indeed the standard of art in the Chaosmos exhibition inspirational. My last thought after viewing his work was ‘this young man will go far’. His work is good, in the meaning of gut instinct and art criticism, ‘good’. For all my explications, here of trying to elucidate his work all seem futile and I would recommend you go to view it yourself.

Boyd is Boydism.