Ceri Hand Gallery Moving to London

A great shame and a loss to Liverpool, not only the gallery and interesting, challenging exhibitions but Ceri has been an influential part of the local scene for years working with the other galleries, the Biennial and local art schools.

I like the positive spin from Juan Cruz in this Daily Post report and he’s right. Ceri has shown that with hard work and good artists there is a commercial market even in Liverpool but obviously an even bigger market in London or any capital city. Good to read that she hopes to continue to have some presence in Liverpool.

Daily Post report – Liverpool’s Ceri Hand Gallery will move to London

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to the show she’s put together at CUC from 25 Nov to 16 Dec – Notes Towards a Supreme Fiction then the final show at her gallery – Henny Acloque: Lugar de Culto next January.


  1. Thank you, really appreciate it! It’s been great having your support during my time here in Liverpool, thank you. I will really miss the support, good will & generosity of your good selves & others in the North West. It’s been an amazing 9 nearly 10 years & this last 4 running the gallery has been made even more special thanks to the enthusiasm for what we’ve been doing..Please do visit us in London & we look forward to seeing you all & hearing how things are going! X

  2. Ceri your move to London is such wonderful news and so well deserved. You have been a true advocate for the arts in Liverpool and your creativity, drive and commitment will be much missed. Well done it is so deserved.

  3. I have mixed feelings about the relocation. I moved to London a several years ago to do post graduate study and to generally hang around the London art scene. This has been successful, to a certain extent, but I have become slightly jaded by living in this city and I have been looking towards more regional activities as it seems there are many more successful and exciting projects, spaces and galleries operating all over the country. I am obviously pleased that the success of Ceri Hand has meant a move to London and look forward to being able to visit the gallery even though the artists represented are regularly exhibiting in and around London anyway. I just worry that London will become even more saturated with artists and galleries whilst more regional areas lose out on this experience though examples such as Turner Contemporary in Margate would suggest there is art life beyond the M25 even during this economic climate.


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