Celebrate on 20/08 – Again

Celebrate on 20/08

artinliverpool.com will be taking part again of course (see last years report and here), we’ll announce more details in the future.
(when we come up with an idea of what to do)

The Liverpool Culture Company is asking local organisations and businesses to help celebrate the city’s European Capital of Culture status.

Each year on August 20 – 20/08 – groups across the region are encouraged to celebrate Liverpool’s 08 success by making an ‘offer’ for the day. An offer can take the form of free or discounted entrance, or a special event or promotion.

Last year 20/08 day included hundreds of offers. People were given the chance to sample a huge selection of activities – from free lessons in rock climbing to taking an exclusive behind the scenes tour of a brewery, free CD loans from local libraries to discounted dining in city centre restaurants.

August 20 will also mark the 2nd birthday of the 08 Place – Liverpool’s one stop culture shop. The Whitechapel store opened its doors for the first time on 20/08 day in 2005.


It’s really easy for groups, businesses, or organisations to get involved in 20/08, they just need to visit www.liverpool08.com and complete the special 20/08 form. All offers will appear on the website and in a 20/08 day brochure, which is distributed to venues across the city.

The deadline for offers is Friday, July 22 2007.