CCP Car Park – Interchange

imageInterchange. CCP Car Park organised by Mercy
20 October – 20 November 2008

Over four weeks ‘Interchange’ will present the work of four groups of artists from Liverpool, Gdansk, Istanbul, and Naples. Each ‘city’ will occupy the gallery for one week in turn to produce an exhibition and host a programme of music, performances and workshops


Venue: Car Park Gallery, Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AA
Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 12:00 to 18:00.
Exhibition completion parties: Sat 25th Oct, Sat 1st Nov, Sat 8th Nov, Sat 15th Nov, all at 18:00 – 21:00.
Workshops: Sun 26th Oct, Sun 2nd Nov, Sun 9th Nov, Sun 16th Nov, all starting at 16:00.

Artists: Modelarnia from Gdansk, Ha za vu zu from Istanbul, Componibile62 from Naples, and Wolstenholme Projects from Liverpool.

Project Director: Tomas Harold, Events Manager: Nathan Jones.

imageInterchange is a collatoral project for the Liverpool Biennial 2008. Over four weeks, it will present the work of four groups of artists from Liverpool, Gdansk, Istanbul, and Naples. Each ‘city’ will occupy the gallery for one week in-turn to produce an exhibition and host a weekend of music, performances and workshops.


A key feature of the project is the continual transformation of the gallery. Each groups exhibition will be produced in a way that allows for much of it to be left behind when they leave. As succeeding groups occupy the gallery, they will be invited to incorporate what the previous ‘cities’ have left – using what remains as their starting point…

So, over the four weeks the four cities will produce a continually changing environment. Visitors to the gallery will see the exhibition evolve from week-to-week with the successive influence of artists from the North, South, East, and West of an emerging European Union.

Every Saturday evening there will be live music and performances from each city to celebrate the completion of that weeks exhibition. Every Sunday afternoon, a free open workshop will offer a greater level of engagement with the work of that weeks artists. The venue will also remain open throughout the week for visitors to engage with the work-in-progress.

The project as a whole will explore the potential of port cities as sites of transition, exchange, and transgression. All four cities have histories of shifting cultural diversity, with high levels of mobility, and important links connecting them. These conditions have resulted in new forms of expression which surpass established norms and offer new alternatives and solutions.

Yet, the distinctive character of these cities is changing with the decline of old industries and the on-set of extensive urban re-development.  ‘Interchange’ will develop a new international network. It will draw on the alternative impulses within each location and make special reference to the importance of these qualities in informing attitudes towards cultural policy and urban regeneration.

These ideas have been inspired by Liverpool Culture Company’s Cities on the Edge programme. Cities on the Edge is a year-long cultural cooperation project led by Liverpool in partnership with Bremen, Gdansk, Naples, Marseilles, and Istanbul.

Week 1: Gdansk October 20th – 26th

Artists: Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Grzegorz Klaman, Johan Strauss, Jacek Niegoda, Jack Southern, Michal Szlaga, Maciek Szupica & Przemyszaw Adamski, Ania & Adam Witkowscy, Martyna Zdanowicz.

Sat 25th Oct: Completion of Gdansk exhibition. Performances by Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz and music by Adam Witkowscy.

Sun 26th Oct: Workshop conducted by Modelarnia.


Week 2: Istanbul October 27th – November 2nd

Artists: Ha za vu zu, Can Altay, Cevdet Erek.

Sat 1st Nov: Completion of Istanbul exhibition. Music and performances by artist collective Ha za vu zu.

Sun 2nd Nov: Workshop conducted by Ha za vu zu.


Week 3: Naples November 3rd – 9th

Artists: Pasquale Napolitano, Stefano Perna, Alessandro Inglima, Giuseppina Paola Viscardi, Christian Costa.

Sat 8th Nov: Completion of Naples exhibition. Music and performances by the Sound Barrier collective.

Sun 9th Nov: Workshop conducted by Christian Costa and Componibile62.


Week 4: Liverpool November 10th – 23rd

Artists: Brychan Tudor, Emily Speed, Gordon Culshaw, John O’Hare, Karen McLeod, Tracey Eastham.

Sat 15th Nov: Completion of Liverpool exhibition. Music and performances by Liverpool based artists.

Sun 16th Nov: Workshop conducted by Mercy.


Interchange is part-financed by Liverpool Culture Company Ltd as part of the Cities on the Edge and 2008 European Capital of Culture programmes. It is also marked by a significant partnership with The Royal Standard who are staging an international artists networking event exploring Cultural Capitals past and pending in The Winner Takes It All (24 – 26 Oct).