From 11 September to Friday 25 September 2015
View by appointment (via email, see below)

CBS Gallery
Crown Building Studios
57-59 Victoria Street, L1 6ED Liverpool


Collective consciousness is the tool that has formed the earth and how we perceive it. Man-made and natural tools have shaped, and continue to shape everything around us whether controlled, or uncontrolled.

Grotte is a new body of work from Joseph Whitmore and Henry Northcroft Brown that aims to highlight these ideas through collaborative and solo works.

Through a joint interest in history and the incomprehensible age of the earth, and of mankind, the artists have used various techniques and materials to link art, artifact, museum and gallery.

Joe Whitmore (b.1992) graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2014. Joe’s recent shows include Aurignacian (2015) at Islington Mill and Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2014) at World Museum Liverpool and ICA London.

Henry Northcroft-Brown (b.1992) graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2015. Henry’s recent shows include No More Champagne at Islington Mill (2015) and the MSOA Degree show (2015).