Carling Gallery Opens in Bold Street

carling-gallery.jpgA new gallery space opened this morning above Maggie May’s cafe in Bold Street.

Its called The Carling Gallery and will include a permanent exhibition of the work of James William Carling as well as changing exhibitions by local artists. Currently there are works by Frank Hendry and others.

James William Carling was born in 1857 at 38 Addison Street in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool. He was the second youngest of six children, they lived in extreme poverty and had to go into the street to beg. At the age of five, James was known as the ‘little drawer’ and he and his brothers used the pavements in the heart of the town to do their drawings.

In 1871 James joined his brother in America and entered a competition to produce illustrations for ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe. He returned to Liverpool in 1887 to enter the National School of Art but died a few months later at the age of 29.


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