Can you keep a Secret? Reel Unknown is back but shhhhhhh!

Reel unknown is back on the 1st and 2nd October and they cordially invite you to enter a secret world, The Hidden Picture Show, and explore the unknown. Our truly captivating and immersive experiences mix film and live interactive performances, to create unique adventures. We ask you to trust your senses and discover a new way to experience cinema.

Tickets for Reel Unknown are purchased ‘in the dark’, without any knowledge of the film or the unusual venue in which it will be screened. Audience members must keep their eyes peeled for clues revealed via Facebook and Twitter in the weeks leading up to the event. Information indicating the location and preferable dress code will be exposed by email correspondence a few days before, with the film itself becoming apparent as more knowledge is gained.

Keep alert. Keep watching.

All they  ask of you is this: can you keep a secret?

(We went last time  and it was amazing – Skip the Odeon and go here instead for a truly one off experience!)


More details can be found here



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