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Call for Feedback with Webcam Video Submissions

Call for Feedback with Webcam Video Submissions to the ‘Puppet Masters – Cultural Territories in the Realms of Cyber Space’ by Chris Boyd.
11 May 2008.

Chris Boyd has been commissioned by Polydor to produce a series of videos for the The Music. In preparation of the campaign for this Boyd has derived the concept to incorporate an online myth to generate an interest to The Music, as the ‘Puppet Master’ in a series of digital video shorts, known as the Sarg TMT layers. These are each online and over the course new ones to be released periodically.

His role to the project is to produce videos, presenting ideas and narrative layers. The experience during the research and development of this is one of a constant flux. Two way meta-communication with the audience. The objective is to take myth, a concept, place it in territories of cyber space, where there is interaction and intervention of audience participation. The audience being the web browsers, the fans. Through a series of short films, these pose enigmas for the audience to solve and takes them on a journey. This web campaign is one still in process and evolves in itself. From the initial teasers put on line a fury of interest has globally exploded. In essence with the teasers he puts up and the new clues and mysteries presented online he acts as the ‘Puppet Master’, where he formulates visual abstracts in narratives that indicate the next stage of the campaign. This entices the audience to follow motivated to work each stage out.

This project by Boyd has been featured and discussed by Jo Wiley and Zane Lowe, both DJs at BBC Radio 1.

To contribute to this, Boyd, would like the ‘audience’, you, to go on-line to the following link, view the Sarg TMT layer videos and record yourself via webcam with your responses and post on related forums, as you try to decipher the clues in the digital video shorts.

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