Cabbies to be Cultural Ambassadors

Well, I’m sorry but when I take a trip in a taxi I just want the driver to keep quiet and concentrate on their driving. Most of my most frightening journeys have been in the back of a cab.

Also, I could be a bit cynical and suggest that more of the 100 employees of the Culture Company should go on this course and actually spend a bit of time in some galleries.

From The Times…

‘I had that Klimt in the back of my cab . . . ’
Forget football, the Beatles and why the country is going to the dogs: modern art is about to be the new talking point in Liverpool taxis.

Cabbies in the city will soon be treating passengers to their opinions on pop art, abstract expressionism and the finer points of neo-conceptualism as they ferry them around next year’s European Capital of Culture.

Tate Liverpool is offering taxi drivers a crash course in art appreciation to develop their potential as “cultural ambassadors


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