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C-Views Creative Conversations in Blackpool

Yes, Blackpool not Liverpool but an interesting series of talks to look out for if you’re in the area.

‘C-Views’ a series of challenging ‘creative conversations’ about art for the public realm will take place at the Grundy Art Gallery, Queen Street, Blackpool, FY1 1PX  during May and June 2009. All the talks are free but pre-booking is essential as demand is likely to be high. Light refreshments will be provided.
Contact: 01253 478170

C-Views Talks Schedule

Wayne Hemingway        Wednesday, April 29, 3.30-5pm

“Greedy developers have failed us for years, bankers have now also been “sent to Coventry” many planners ignore the fact that good urban design is part of their remit…but don’t fret the creative community are riding into town on a big white beautiful horse”.

Ruth Claxton            Wednesday, May 6, 3.30-5pm

“I work with a variety of media, in particular reconfiguring or altering pre-existing objects in order to create objects and installations which begin to question what it is to look, see or experience.”

Laurie Peake            Wednesday, June 3, 3.30-5pm

“The mission of Liverpool Biennial is to engage art, people and place. This presentation explores the Biennial’s ambitious public art programme that focuses on the architectural, social and environmental fabric of neighbourhoods facing transformation and the ways that art can imagination can help with the re-imagining and repurposing of these neglected spaces”.

Matthew Clark            Wednesday, June 10, 3.30-5pm

“I will be presenting an overview of UVA’s work focusing on large-scale light installations, as we as giving an insight  into our everyday practice. I will talk about the use of light in public spaces and the essential relationship between space, performer and audience”.

Lucy Glendinning        Wednesday, June 24, 3.30-5pm

A talk and discussion about the design and thoughts behind the public sculpture for St John’s, Blackpool. The talk will include descriptions of her previous work and a discussion about public art, why, where and what for?

‘C-View, Creative Conversations – Art in Spaces and Places’ is a Blackpool Arts Service initiative funded by Blackpool Council.