Sunday, June 23, 2024
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British Council to Almost Double its Global Arts Budget

That’s good news, don’t all rush to apply for grants which can help towards costs of transporting artworks abroad.

From Design Week

The British Council will announce later today that it is to abandon its restructuring proposals put forward earlier this year, and almost double its global arts budget.

In what appears to be a complete U-turn regarding its original restructuring proposals set out in January, today’s announcement will also outline the organisation’s intention to retain all of its specialist staff and create a new media function, as part of a new vision in response to its recent consultation period.

‘One of the issues frequently raised during the round-table discussions was that there was a failure to exploit new technologies in the arts fully. With the addition of a new media function, we are addressing this gap in our arts offering,’ says a British Council spokesman.

Additionally, a ‘reinvestment’ in the council’s international network of professional expertise will entail developing ‘closer strategic partnerships with relevant Government departments and agencies, and new organisations’, says the spokesman.

The organisation will also ‘commit’ to re-establishing an external advisory function for the arts.