Brazilian Beatles and Other Covers

clube big beatles pedestrian-zone.jpg

Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 – Part 4 – Monday August 28th – Derby Square, Pier Head, The Strand and Dale Street

The early morning rain has cleared and its another pleasant day, thank goodness, as the whole downtown area and Pier Head is packed solid with a few hundred thousand people.
Today is the day for Beatles bands and other cover bands with silly names like Definitely Mightbe (Oasis), Banned On The Run (Wings), Robbing Williams and Coldplace complete with a Coldplay singer – Chris Martin lookalike. We watched some of their set on the North stage after first seeing the Clube Big Beatles from Brazil playing in Derby Square in front of a big crowd of sing-along-a-beatles people.

The South stage is again a welcome relief as more new local bands are playing original music. Watched the last few songs from 28 Costumes.

On stage in the Strand, I think it was Kappa Guitar Hero playing Frank Zappa classics.

Further up Dale Street, past the awful, awful fairground ‘attractions’ (do we really have to have those things at every event??) more cover bands – Squeezed, the Overtures (James Taylor) and Urythmix played until the evening.

Naturally a lot of tourists here from all over the world including these guys from Japan, sampling the excellent local traditional food.

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