Bluecoat Printmakers

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I recently paid a visit to JMU’s Fine Art building at 68 Hope Street to meet a group of about 20 artists known as the Bluecoat Printmakers. The name comes from the fact the print classes used to be run at the Bluecoat Chambers in School Lane until it closed for refurbishment early last year.

They were very fortunate and grateful to John Moores University as they were offered the space and facilities in the print rooms in the art school building. Some of the equipment looks pretty old but still works fine, they have to fit in with the University timetable but there are two classes a week – Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.

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Some of the artists have been on the course for quite a few years and they all seem to get on really well, in fact, they have a group exhibition coming up at the temporary Bluecoat space in 51-53 Paradise Street from April 20th – 30th 2006. It all looks like great fun though you have to be careful with that etching acid and the presses need a bit of muscle power.
They produce some really good work too, some of them are in the artinliverpool directory e.g. Carol Susan Traynor and Lyn Ben-Yousef

The next 10 week course starts on April 24th, details from Annie MacLean at the Bluecoat email phone: 0151 709 5297