Bluecoat Display Centre turn donated work into vouchers for Merseyside’s frontline workers

a way to say thank you…..

Bluecoat Display Centre were given a generous donation by a friend of the Display Centre, and supporter of the crafts, who wanted his gift to be translated into a series of vouchers. The vouchers are to be gifted to the incredible Merseyside frontline workers, from healthcare to retail, who continue to help us through the COVID-19 crisis (these might include community health  and social care workers, doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, midwives, local pharmacists, supermarket staff, post services, delivery and bus drivers, refuse collectors, police officers and carers.)

The Display Centre have decided to extend this idea to invite supporters and friends to buy a voucher which will be gifted, by random draw, to a Merseyside frontline worker. Voucher winners can visit the Display Centre any time after lockdown and choose a gift to show your appreciation for all they have done to help others.

The deadline is May 24th which is the end of Mental Health Awareness Week (appropriately to celebrate the thousands of acts of kindness) so to purchase a thank you voucher simply click this link to the online shop and purchase the voucher you’d like to give to a frontline worker (add in the reference ‘frontline gift’ to your order during the checkout so they know it is to go into the draw).

The campaign will also bring customers back into the Display Centre and ultimately be of benefit to the community of makers they support when the voucher is redeemed for a piece from the Display Centre and they are paid for the work sold.

BDC have worked since 2012, through outreach projects, with many of the main NHS hospitals in Liverpool as well as health and social care organisations. Many local makers, supported by BDC staff, have delivered workshops at the bedside of patients on acute wards and have all witnessed first hand the amazing care all the staff provide.


The images here come from local maker; Christine Toh’s 10 week residency completed earlier this year at the Royal Liverpool University hospital with elderly patients living with dementia.

For further information, please contact Sam at