Blogger Survives Ice Skating


We went ice skating at St George’s Hall on Friday and though my legs are still aching a bit at least I can proudly state that I didn’t fall over once. That’s probably because I didn’t actually attempt to skate, I just concentrated on staying on my boots and slowly made my way around the perimeter a few times.
Likewise, Mrs J managed to stay upright but she was disappointed as she has skated a lot in the past but couldn’t get used to this synthetic surface, there’s no friction so no way to push forward. It requires a whole different method.
So, one view would be that its a waste of £6 to nervously wobble around a plastic floor for half an hour but on the other hand it was fun, a nice atmosphere with all the families around and finally I can say that I have been ice-skating (sort of).

Ice Skating at St George’s Hall until January 5 2008.


  1. Nice work, but can’t believe you’ve never been to the old Silver Blades on Shiel Road!
    Happy New Year to you and Minako and let’s hope for a great time in 2008.

  2. Ah yes, Silver Blades, I was trying to remember the name of the place. I lived very near there when I was growing up and some of the family went but I never bothered. What is it now? A Wetherspoon’s or something?


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