Black History Month – Coming Soon

Black History Month at National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool is hosting a free public debate on the repatriation of African objects during Black History Month on Thursday 12 October 2006.

Stealing History is a day of workshops and debate which discuss museums and cultural property from 10-4pm. The objectives of the day include:

* to understand the principles of repatriation
* to explore the ethical and moral issues of repatriation
* to explore the origins of museum artefacts
* to understand the purpose of museums
* to investigate problems facing museums in Africa
* to identify ways for future action and developing relationships.

Key speakers leading the workshops and speaking in the debate are Dr Barbara Bush (senior lecturer in history, Sheffield Hallam University), Dr Boris Wastiau (curator of Central African art and ethnography, Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium), Dr Claude Ardouin (former director of the National Museums of Mali, now head of the African section, department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum) Dr Ray Costello (historian of Black British community) and Dr Zachary Kingdon (curator of African collections at National Museums Liverpool). More guest speakers are to be confirmed.

Workshops will stimulate discussion by encouraging participants to consider the various issues surrounding repatriation and how museums represent Britain’s Black community.


Abdullah Badwi, community development co-ordinator says: “This is an important opportunity for people from all walks of life, from all cultural backgrounds, to debate and challenge the way museums have gone about acquiring their collections and to discuss the options for the future of these objects