Big Improvement in Perceptions of Liverpool

According to a recent Ipsos MORI poll Liverpool’s image along with the whole North West has improved greatly over the last few years.

Significantly more British residents who live outside the Northwest describe the region as a ‘success’ in 2006 than did in 2001 (35% now think of success when thinking of the Northwest compared with 22% in 2001).

Associations with high unemployment have fallen since 2001. Traditional images of the region as an industrial location are still present to an extent, mostly amongst audiences from overseas.

Perceptions of Liverpool have improved significantly from 2001, with views of Blackpool deteriorating slightly. Opinion leaders are far more positive about Manchester and Liverpool than residents, with opinion formers from overseas particularly likely to see them as strengths of the region.

Awareness of Liverpool’s designation as the 2008 European Capital of Culture is still high among Northwest residents. Since 2003 there has been a slight drop in numbers saying the designation will benefit the region but this will be due, in part, to the initial positive feelings and publicity associated with winning the designation dying down before the practical improvements and investment has fed through. However, on the whole, the majority still feel the role will be good for the region.

Link to MORI report


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