Big Draw Self-Portrait Drawing Show

Willy Russell


Big Draw Self-Portrait Drawing Show

Posy Simmonds, Gerald Scarfe, Maggie Hambling, Willy Russell, Adrian Henri, Piers Gough, Nick Garland, Andrew Logan, Stephen Appleby, Chris Orr and Bruce McLean are just some of the famous faces to go on sale both online and at the Chapel Row Gallery in Bath on 16 October 2010 in an exhibition to raise money for the Campaign for Drawing, the charity behind The Big Draw. The exhibition runs until 26 October 2010. See


  1. Are these new portraits? Adrian Wisniewski looks suprisingly young – didn’t he look exactly the same in the late eighties? Interesting mix overall, and it’s nice to see a recent Gerald Scarfe image where he hasn’t over-egged the pudding…


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