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Big Dance Liverpool – Learn the 8 Steps for 08

Following on from the previous post about the Big Dance I have been doing my best to learn these 8 dance steps for 08 – no I’m not going to put my version on youtube.

As part of Liverpool’s Big Dance celebrations, Arts Council England and the Liverpool Culture Company have teamed up with Luca Silvestrini of Protein Dance, to create 8 simple steps which everyone can have a go at learning before the Big Dance finale on July 13 2008

The public can learn the steps from the Liverpool 08 website, The Big Dance website and You Tube, before filming themselves dancing the 8 steps everywhere from shopping centres and train stations to beaches and bars. Films can then be uploaded to the You Tube website and named ; Big Dance/ 8Steps/ your name. The most entertaining clips will be shown on the big screen on our big dance day on the 13th July, along with some celebrity contributions!

There will also be the opportunity to learn the steps on the day via the big screens in the city centre or by following the youngsters from the Rise and Shine project at Williamson Square at lunchtime on the 13th, so there’s no excuse not to get involved. Check out the 08 steps on the Big Dance website, on Youtube, or just show up on the day.

Big Dance Liverpool