Bernard Fallon’s Liverpool Book Now Available

If you enjoyed the exhibition at the Conservation Centre which ends on July 15 2007 of Liverpool Photographs by Bernard Fallon then you might like to buy the book which has just been published by The Bluecoat Press.
As well as the photos there’s an interesting introduction by Bernard of his life in Liverpool before moving on and eventually settling in California where worked as a Still Photographer in the Hollywood Studios.

“Bernard Fallon’s Liverpool” is a landscape of once-familiar faces and streets, a city that no longer exists but in those frozen moments of time. His Liverpool captures the last of the ‘shawlies’ or ‘Mary Ellens’, the fading evidence of the city’s Irish roots, and the sometimes illiterate graffiti of sectarian strife bubbling just below the surface.

Here too are those moments of community life in the ‘Corpy’ washhouse, Paddy’s Market and the last of the once numerous pubs of Scottie Road. The flip side is here too, the wholesale destruction of that lively community as streets and houses were bulldozed down to make way for the new Kingsway Tunnel and the people were moved out to Kirkby and Skelmersdale.

Bernard Fallon’s Liverpool: Photographs 1966-1973 (Photographers of Liverpool)