Bed-In at the Bluecoat – Listings for October

The Bluecoat bed-in – full list for October 2010. More details and livestream on the new website

9th October 11 to 10 dancing. Can’t Get Enough of your love baby. If I can’t dance I don’t want your revolution. Join activist prancers Hayley Newman and the vacuum cleaner as they host a Political Party amd dance themselves ecstatic over 12 hours. Come and make some shapes with us on our bed: horizontal or vertical, carefree or careless, happy or sad. (Bluecoat Hub)
10th October Sally Olding tweets for peace. Join her on Twitter from 11 am to 4pm. (Bluecoat Hub)
11th October ‘Senseless’ with the Ariel Trust looks at what a world without racism might look like. (Bluecoat Hub)
12th October ‘Leave Blank’: Clare Charnley and Patricia Azevedo imagine a world without borders. (Bluecoat Hub)
13th October Join the loveable poet, stand-up comedian and winner of The Weakest Link Jason T Richardson as he shares his poems with you. And did you know John Lennon was a poet as well as a lyricist? If you put the John Lennon wig on Jason’s head he’ll read you a special John Lennon poem. (Bluecoat Hub)
14th October Matthew Lloyd draws his inspiration from Lennon’s song ‘God’. He’s listing all the things he doesn’t believe in – come and add to his list in the 007 Studio at the Back of the Bluecoat. (007 Studio, the Bluecoat)
15th October Chuck Perkins, the dreaming poet from New Orleans brings some deep-South word magic to the bed. (Bluecoat Hub)
16th October Dave Owens, the Human Juke Box, plays songs of war, protest and peace all day in the bed. (Bluecoat Hub)
17th October Join The Mersey Marauders, Liverpool’s only LGBT football team for the Liverpool Everton derby viewed from the bed. The morning will start at 11 am with a pre-match discussion about Homophobia and Football and end with some proper post-match analysis. (Bluecoat Hub)
18th October A day of Tibetan chanting and relaxing meditation with Mary Currell. (Bluecoat Hub)
19th October The New Life Collective host a day about creation, pregnancy, birth and post-natal nurturing. They will be joined by a group of mothers from Alt Valley who have created cushions about their children. This bed-in is about nurturing the next generation. (Bluecoat Hub)
20th October ‘The Peace Monologues’ – a fiery performance from the feisty Collective Encounters Third Age Group examines conflict in their lives, from the second world war to the Iraq war to their memories of battles between the miners and the police in the Miner’s strike. (Bluecoat Hub)
21st October The prolific and energetic Philosophy in Pubs group are hosting two special enquiries in the bed today. The first ‘Socrates on his Deathbed’ will ask what courage is and how it can effect change. The second is called ‘Language and War’ and explores the way language is used to wage war in a myriad of ways. (Bluecoat Hub)
22nd October Councillor Jane Corbett, the Children’s Champion for Liverpool, exchanges the Council Chambers for the bed. Two days after the cuts are announced, she’ll be asking people what they want to put in her four Christmas stockings to make a fairer Liverpool for the children of the city. (Bluecoat Hub)
23rd October Shang-Pool: Picnic in Arcadia. Join us and the bed in the virtual world somewhere between Shanghai and Liverpool in a beautiful park for a picnic and some Chinese tea. A bed-in to imagine a utopia for the future. (Bluecoat Hub)
24th October Young Tate live in World-Town. In World-Town there are no nationalities and no borderlines. Everyone is equal. It is free of prejudice. Come and meet them there as they figure out how World-Town works
25th October Some of Liverpool’s best-known poets will be hopping into the bed. Keep them company during their ‘bed Sit with the Poets for Peace’. They’ll read you a special poem or get you writing your own.
26th October ‘Hiding Under the Bed’ we’ll have the over-50 group from Florence Court in Alt Valley, who’ll be sharing their wartime memories with you and reminding you of better and worse times.
27th October Many people have no bed to sleep in. The YMCA puncture the rhetoric that the UK will have no people homeless by the time the Olympics come round.
28th October The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home deliver a lecture on the performance history of bed-ins, followed by a family picnic with a difference
29th October Bisakha Sarker invites all grandparents to drop into the Bluecoat with their grandchildren for this very special bed-in with a unique storyteller and dancer. Called Grand-Stories, Bisakha is asking people: what stories would you like to tell your grandchildren? Come and bring your stories (and your grandhicldren0 to sit on the bed with Bisakha and her friends
30th October Working Class Hero. The inimitable Alun Parry, the Working Class Music Festival, the Socialist Singers and the Woody Guthris Folk Club reminds us why music and song are the most powerful form of protest there is
31st October Purlesque host a knit-in for peace. Come and help them knit their Peace Blanket.


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