Beatles Valuation Event at Albert Dock


Tickets 6 Shillings! That’s 30p these days.
This is a rare poster for a Beatles performance at the Tower Ballroom New Brighton in 1962. Notice the misspelling ‘BEETLES’ instead of ‘Beatles’. This is an example of the type of pop memorabilia that may be discovered at the Albert Dock’s valuation event over the Bank Holiday weekend.
I had a look in my attic and all I found was my bed. I don’t get this memorabilia lark, why do people buy old stuff that’s been lying in other peoples dusty attics for years – unless its to sell onto another sucker in a few years time?

Here’s the full info…
Albert Dock to host Beatles Valuation Event

An exciting valuation event is taking place at the Albert Dock from Sunday 6 – Monday 7 May 2007, organised by the Albert Dock Company, the Beatles Story and Tracks, the UK’s largest specialist of Beatles and pop memorabilia.

This is the first time the Dock has hosted a Beatles and pop memorabilia valuation for over fourteen years and experts are looking forward to the quality and volume of collectibles that might turn up in the Fab Four’s home city over the bank holiday.

Members of the public are encouraged to dig around in their attic and bring along any Beatles or pop souvenirs they own for a free valuation by the country’s experts.

The Beatles Story visitor attraction, which is based at the Albert Dock, made the decision to stage the event after being inundated with enquiries about Beatles memorabilia. As the world’s only Beatles-themed visitor attraction, the venue is often the first port of call for people interested in finding out whether their Fab Four memorabilia is authentic and how much it is worth.

The multi-award winning Beatles Story teamed up with the Albert Dock Company and Tracks, the UK’s leading dealer in Beatles and pop memorabilia to provide a free valuation service for local fans.

Back in 1993 Tracks and the Beatles Story staged a series of valuations at the Albert Dock and they weren’t disappointed.

Paul Wane, Tracks Director and Beatles and pop memorabilia expert explains, “We’ve held valuation days on the Beatles’ trail right across the UK but nowhere compares to Liverpool in terms of the amount of quality memorabilia that has come out of one location. If something great turns up it really blows you away, we’ve valued some amazing items recently and I’m very excited about this bank holiday event at the Albert Dock.