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Auction for ‘Under The Mud’ Box Tickets

Ebay auction for a V.I.P Event!!!!

The Charity Gala Premiere of ‘Under the Mud‘ will take place on Friday 9th February 2006, at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Tickets, which are usually £5 each – are selling out fast. Hurricane Films the production company who made this exciting film have decided to auction off a box for this event on Ebay, with a fantastic starting price of £30.00!

To make a bid click on this link:

or type this reference into the search engine on the Ebay website:

Item Number:  120081035669
or type in: Under the Mud


Usually Boxes for an event such as this have a value of £150.00, so this is your chance to win an evening out for six people whilst mixing with the glitterati of the North and some of the brightest talent to come out of the region in years!

Shot in and around Speke and Garston, Liverpool – an area with high unemployment with one of the worst teenage pregnancy rates in Europe – the action takes place during a hectic twenty-four hours, and centres around the Potts household – second home to teenage slacker, Magic, who’s such a part of the furniture that his longing for the eccentric beauty Paula Potts goes completely un-noticed. It’s boy chases girl with a twist!

The film stars Andrew Schofield, Kate Fitzgerald and James McMartin  (star of recently released ‘Dead Men’s Cards’ ), as well as some of  the film’s young writers, most notably up and coming comic actor Lenny Wood in the lead role of  ‘Magic’

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