‘At Last Something Different’ – Alan Martindale

alan-martindale-1.jpg alan-martindale-2.jpg

The Glaxo Neurological Centre in Norton Street, next to the bus station has just changed its name to Neurosupport Centre (too many people ringing up to ask about Glaxo products etc. Glaxo are the main funders but they don’t operate from there).
As the name implies the centre is there to support people who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition such as MS, ME, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy etc. It is not a hospital or clinic, its provides all manner of non-medical support, advice, information.

Alan Martindale has done his best to signpost the exhibition. As well as the actual cone being on display there are large posters on the windows. His exhibition ‘At Last Something Different’ is in the reception area which is a good sized space but not ideal for hanging paintings as its mostly windows and doors, what little wallspace there is being bare bricks. So paintings are hung at various heights and hidden round corners but the reception certainly benefits from these bright, colourful works. You can’t miss the large yellow piece above the meeting room called ‘This is a Nice Place’, all the works seem to have a message or tell a story with titles such as ‘System Crash’, ‘Fear of not Being Liked’ and ‘If You Only Knew’

Alan says “My paintings are crafted over a period of time to delight with colour, composition and content, leaping out, questioning and provoking the viewer, evocative, lively and intriguing images”

I guess this is one of those venues that will be overlooked by most Biennial visitors which would be a shame, its only up the road from the Walker, its open Mon-Fri 09-17.00 and just further up the road there is a sound installation in the Royal Liverpool Hospital where we went next….