Arts Council England announces new structure that will save £6.5million a year

Arts Council Press Office | Press Releases | Arts Council England announces new structure that will save £6.5million a year.

I don’t know enough about ACE to say if the restructuring will be for the better but a cut in staffing of 21% doesn’t sound good at all.

You can read the full report online

Arts Council England today announced final details of an organisation-wide restructure that will transform the way it serves the arts and audiences. The restructure will save £6.5 million a year in administration costs and these savings will be invested in the arts.

Proposals for change were announced in February and have since been refined during a period of formal consultation with staff and unions before being approved by National Council on 8 July.

The Arts Council has already made savings of £9.6 million a year in running costs since 2002, through a programme of reform and improvement. Making further savings required a major restructuring of the whole organisation and the way it operates.

This major review was informed by recommendations of the 2008 McMaster, McIntosh and Hodge reviews and Chief Executive Alan Davey’s vision for the organisation.

The principal changes include:

· an overall reduction in staff numbers across the organisation of 21 per cent

· nine streamlined regional offices grouped in four areas – North; Midlands and South West; East and South East; London

· a smaller head office, which will also co-locate with the London regional office

· a smaller executive board – nine members instead of 14

· a centralised Grants for the arts process based in Manchester

The new structure allows the sharing of resources and knowledge more flexibly across the organisation and simplifies processes – for example, a centralised Grants for the arts process based in the support services centre in Manchester.

Staff in the regions will be focused on customer-facing activities, head office is streamlined and the smaller executive board will be more strategic and able to make faster decisions.


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