Arts Cash For Communities – (But Not ArtInLiverpool)

The Culture Company have today announced that around 440,000 pounds has been granted to community groups to deliver exciting projects into the beginning of 2008.

Sadly, the application from cic was rejected. So how long is Ian Jackson prepared to carry on paying for all this (and digital show and various other websites) out of his own pocket? I’ll have to carry more adverts on the site I suppose.

Groups from Woolton to Walton are being given the good news that they will be able to deliver their fantastic community ideas after a rigorous sifting process to choose the final 65 projects. Well over 200 applications were received, more than ever before for cultural projects in the city. Funding will run from April 2007 to March 2008, which is Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture year.

Projects include a film about the Deaf community, performances from the Somali community and a Latin American festival. Also on the list is a public art work project about Dockers, an arts scheme with Liverpudlian ex-offenders and a Muslim Cultural Festival.

There will be events for people from around the city to attend and projects which work with smaller, selected, diverse groups. There is something for everyone in all corners of the city.

For more information about Liverpool, European Capital of Culture, 2008, please visit