Arts Cash For Communities – (But Not ArtInLiverpool)

The Culture Company have today announced that around 440,000 pounds has been granted to community groups to deliver exciting projects into the beginning of 2008.

Sadly, the application from cic was rejected. So how long is Ian Jackson prepared to carry on paying for all this (and digital show and various other websites) out of his own pocket? I’ll have to carry more adverts on the site I suppose.

Groups from Woolton to Walton are being given the good news that they will be able to deliver their fantastic community ideas after a rigorous sifting process to choose the final 65 projects. Well over 200 applications were received, more than ever before for cultural projects in the city. Funding will run from April 2007 to March 2008, which is Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture year.

Projects include a film about the Deaf community, performances from the Somali community and a Latin American festival. Also on the list is a public art work project about Dockers, an arts scheme with Liverpudlian ex-offenders and a Muslim Cultural Festival.

There will be events for people from around the city to attend and projects which work with smaller, selected, diverse groups. There is something for everyone in all corners of the city.

For more information about Liverpool, European Capital of Culture, 2008, please visit


  1. I am horrified to read you have not received funding, as such a platform as Art in Liverpool is one that takes time, energy, commitment, resources and moreover money.

    Art in Liverpool is the only media infrastructure in this city that is regularly updated and shows an overview of arts and cultural activities and furthermore extends international dialogue and extends the cultural identity of the city through the global media of the net.

    What started as a passion in 2004, has grown significantly and provides the principle press and media to cultural sector in the city. I am sorry to hear such is not recognised through funding, as it should be. The service and platform Art in Liverpool extends is one of municipal and cultural worth and the number of people I know I could not envision, as I know my contacts abroad access the blog site are aware first and foremost of the blog before they actually are anything else.

    Indeed, this media platform enables not only the arts and art community of Liverpool, but moreover the institutional and governmental bodies themselves to related cultural events.

    I will get off my soap box now, but I am disgusted to the one thing to have happened of worth for a long time in the city is not supported the way it should be, because the one thing Art in Liverpool does is extend out to all involved in arts and culture in the city and represent more people and more institutions than any other form of media and publication.

    I think it is amazing how the energy, insight and vision of one person, Ian Jackson, who starts something has remained fully committed to it and helped so many in this city and further a field. I am not over emphasising here, but the research behind the Art in Liverpool blog is extensive and takes a lot of energy to realise for Jackson, as well as accrued costs. There is a serious imbalance in the city of what actually does represent arts and culture and the controlling factors of predetermined institutional selection processes.

    I may seem to sing Art in Liverpool praises and that is because he has helped me and many other artists I work with, but moreover though his support through the blog is extended to so many others in the cultural sector of this city. He has always pursued such with professional insight and a high level of field research to locate culture in the city, as well as enabling others by submission to the blog on articles, reviews and press.

    Anyway, with all the work and support provided by Art in Liverpool … If that can not be properly recognised and supported, then there is nothing down for the rest of us, as we depend on such infrastructures initiated by such individuals as Jackson.

    I am just disgusted!

  2. Ironically I turned to your blog to see if there was any news about the funding.

    Is there anything we can do?

  3. Haha, that is funny Moira. I wonder how many people who applied for funding heard about it through this website.
    Maybe I should have kept it secret 🙂

    Thanks for the messages of support, no doubt we’ll carry on. Fortunately I don’t have to rely on external funding (and the CC know this of course) but the project was to make major enhancements and make the site more sustainable, I’m not going to be here forever after all I actually retired 4 years ago!


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