Artranspennine08 Launched

james-brady-between.jpgArtranspennine08 has just launched and runs until 15 August 2008.

This large scale cross-regional exhibition only happens once every 5 years. The inaugural event was in 1998 and one of the the things to come out of that one was our Superlambanana. In those days the budget was £3million, in 2003 it was just £533!

This time round the organisers are making greater use of the web to help promote the event and show the artworks. There’s even a Facebook group.

Each artist has their own page on the blog. I don’t see much of a Liverpool presence but there are over fifty emerging and established artists placing artworks, staging events, making videos, and hosting exhibitions in cyberspace and in multiple venues and locations throughout the Pennines. From Hull to Liverpool, Sheffield to Manchester.

The image shown here is by James Brady:

Artranspennine08 blog


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