Artists who left £40,000 Graffiti Trail May Face Jail

I’m just glad they seemed to have stopped vandalising buildings. Its a shame because Backhouse can do some lovely artwork, she was in the Hub Festival in 2005 and an exhibition of graffiti art at Microzine but the pathetic doodles that appeared as soon as a nice new building was completed was really infuriating.

From today’s Daily Post..

Artists who left £40,000 graffiti trail may face jail
Mar 2 2007
by Sarah Chapman, Liverpool Daily Post

TWO art students were warned they may face jail after they admitted leaving a trail of graffiti on city centre buildings and trains.

Charlotte Backhouse, 23, and Ian Town, 24, each pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to 22 charges of damaging property.


The couple, who were at Liverpool University, targeted restaurants, cafes, office blocks in the Bold Street and Wood Street area.

Backhouse and Town, both of South Drive, West Derby, also admitted damaging Merseyrail and Virgin trains with spray paint.